A little history ... from cote-a-cas.net to cac3d.com

You are a fan of derivative products and figurines from comics, cinema, comics, manga or TV series. You would like to know the value of your statuettes or other derivative products. (comic book figures, busts, statuettes, Sixth Scale figure, etc ...) In 2009, I founded the editions "cote-a-cas éditions" in which I published ex-libris in limited series by renowned designers such as Mario Shovel (Dwarf), Turf (La nef des fous), Jean-Luc Masbou ( De cape et de crocs), Sti (The Rabbits), Yoann (The Adventures of Spirou). In 2010, I created files which synthesized the information and knowledge acquired on statuettes on the "cote-a-cas.net" forum. And since 2012, I have produced a twelve-volume encyclopedia: the "CAC3D", dedicated to derivative products and statuettes in the field of comics, cinema, comics and pop culture in general.

The CAC3D encyclopedia already includes: 12 volumes.

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