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Star Wars Universe - The Essential Guide for Collectibles - 2nd Edition

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Are you a collector of derivative products and figurines (Premium Format - Statue - Sixth scale figure) on the Star Wars universe?
It is an encyclopedia of census and quotation on derivative products and figurines from the universe of films by Georges Lucas. Star Wars will have its own cac3d to show you all the products on the derivatives market. This cac3d will allow collectors to tour the largest manufacturers of statuettes and figurines.

This cac3d will take the same rhythm as the others by appearing every 3 years ...

Le prochain cac3d Star Wars 3e édition sortira en Avril 2023

Characteristics :

Format: 210 mm x 145 mm Italian style

Paging : 404 Pages

+ Collector patch

Authors : cas.mallet & Gavin Bourgois


Translation: Gavin Bourgois


Preface : Alain Musset

A former student of the École normale supérieure, he is an aggregator of geography and an honorary member of the Institut universitaire de France. He obtained his doctorate in geography at EHESS in 1989, under the supervision of Jean-Pierre Berthe and Marcel Roncayolo: Water in the Valley of Mexico, technical and cultural issues (xvith-xixth century). In order to highlight the role of social representations in the organization of urban territories and in the daily practices of the inhabitants, he is also interested in imaginary cities, in particular science fiction cities, as he showed in his book devoted to the city-planet which dominates the galaxy Star Wars: From New York to Coruscant, geofiction essay.

Contents of the Book

Attakus (1/5 - 1/10 - Atlas 1/10 et 1/20 - Metal)

Code 3 (3d Frame – Ship)

Efx (Helmet – Saber – Studio Scale)

Gentle Giant Ltd (Statue - Collector's Gallery – BookEnds - Animated - Maquette – Bust - Bust Classic)

Hot Toys (DX - MMS - QS – VGM)

Iron Studios

Legends In 3d

Master Replicas (Blaster – Helmet – Saber – Ship)

Sideshow Collectibles (Premium Format - Bronze - Mythos - Statue - Life Size - Legendary Scale - Sixth Scale Figure – Diorama)

Link to cac3d Cinéma in French : CAC3D CINÉMA 3E ÉDITION

Link to cac3d Super Héros Movie in French :  CAC3D SUPER HÉROS MOVIE 1RE ÉDITION